So, what is Sparkling Whines? Well, it’s just meant to be my place on the internet to make comment about those things that really make me want to stand up and be counted. Right now, my main issue is that of animal welfare.

I was born in country Queensland Australia and have been a meat eater all my life. While I knew we farmed animals to enable me to eat meat, I pretty much just accepted that as the way of things. After all, life consumes life, it’s how the world works.

But over the years, my vegetarian wife has steadily moved to be vegan and as this happened we talked more and more about her reasons for this. In the end, I came to see that the story is far more significant than I’d blithely imagined.

And so here I am, wanting to make a difference. Sparkling Whines is really meant to just be an outlet for my thoughts and I don’t really expect much interest – I am unlikely to go out of my way to promote this blog. But if anyone does happen along here and they want to offer comments, thoughts or criticisms of their own, go for it!

Graeme M
October 2015


7 thoughts on “About

    1. I have considered that p, though I am a little hesitant because while I’ve researched the topics, I am not confident that my research is good enough to withstand intense scrutiny. I’d hate to publish more broadly and get pilloried for getting some numbers wrong. perhaps the answer is to trim back the numbers part of the argument… or do better research!


  1. you do write beautifully…you write the kind of things that people like me(Vegetarian) feel.I really like your blog…please do keep writing…cheers and KIU!


    1. Thank you for your kind words sheryve. I haven’t had much free time to write more lately due to other pressures, but I do keep in mind that I’d like to post a few more thoughts one of these days!


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